Like many people, I have loved photography since I was very young. As kids my friend Errick and I would save our nickels and dimes until we could buy a roll of Kodachrome 25. It had to be slide film because we couldn’t afford to get prints. This turned out to be excellent training because slide films have a narrow latitude for exposure. Today we live in a digital world; much has changed, but the fun remains!

I specialize in high quality commercial, as I enjoy the challenges inherent in architecture, small products, corporate needs, and the like.

Photography is actually my second career. I taught high school for 30 years and loved it. My first degree was in Music with minors in Humanities and English. Later I studied programming and taught computer courses. My masters degree is in an area called Instructional Technology which deals with problem solving in business and industry.

When I am not behind the camera or working with image editing software, you might find me enjoying amateur (ham) radio. Here I am at the controls of radio station NZ5H. Yeah, that’s a Morse code key I’m using. Out of the radio shack I volunteer for emergency communications duties.

me-radio (1 of 1)

You are more likely to see me in this pose: